This page is dedicated to Barry Bad Bones. Who passed away on the night of 2/15/09 when he suffered his last and fatal heart attack.

Barry was one of the good guys. He was caring, giving and fun to be around. To me and half the people I know in the Alliance; Barry was a friend. More than just a person who happen to be playing with us.

I remember the very first time Barry and I met. It was in Old Ascalon doing the Fort Ranik mission. I was bringing up my Necro and Barry was on his very new warrior. During the mission, none of the other pugs would listen to me as far as where to go etc.. all except Barry. I was left to fight all alone since the "warriors" wiped. But i got mobbed by lots of Charr and I fell also. Barry pm'd me at the end and said to me, " Don't worry I'll get you through to the end". I thought that was incredibly sweet and we have been friends since.

Barry.. I will miss you terribly, I've been playing with you for a little more than 2yrs. We've shared our frustrations about the game and about real life. Our little GW Universe has lost one of the best good guys out there. You will be missed.