Alliance Events

Mondays: Vanquishing Night!    8/23 Tangled Root. 8/30 Ettin's Back and Dry Top. 9/6 Prophet's Path 9/13 Vulture Drifts, 9/20 The Scar.  We will group up together around 8pm EST.  See you all then!!

Wednesdays: Campaign missions in HM. Parties will form around 8pm EST.  in the {Hawk} gh. come one come all.
  Tell us what you need!!

Fridays: War in Kryta!! now that we know we need 10 Medals of Honor to get the "end weapon" and we now have the quests to reach the end of the war... its time to *Get it On*. Get the Krytan quests throughout the week and we'll do them on Fridays in HM. You can even put more quests on other characters to maximize the rewards.  Friday Night War in Kryta Night!!!!!!

Saturdays: Specialty Night. These are elite missions, specialty areas and dungeons in HM {of course^^}   WoooT lets have some fun!!  

If you have any questions OR ideas for our excursions, please feel free to contact me in game: Raptors Pride^^

As always.. keep on Rocking the world of GW. See you on the battlefield!

                                         War in Kryta!

Keep up with the news and the latest developments in the conflict between the Shining Blade and the White Mantle... which side will YOU choose?

Click on the link below to find out more!

                          Nicholas The Traveler

Location:  Kryta, Stingray Strand

Item:    2 Glowing Hearts { dropped by: Fire and Inferno Imps}

Dialogue:   "What fortuitous timing, friend! I was just about to start a camp fire, but my Glowing Hearts has been worn down to tiny pebbles, making striking them very difficult. Without 2 to strike together, it will be pretty difficult to get this fire going and I'll certainly need to restock before journeying any further. If you have 2 that you could part with, you would really help me out of a pinch!"