We are a small Alliance who truly enjoy playing Guild Wars. Our Alliance members are friendly and enjoy doing a number of different things in the GW Universe.
As you know, we're starting to form an alliance with other guilds and I wanted to put down some ideas of what the alliance means to me.
{Hawk} may be the founders of this alliance, but in no way does this mean that {Hawk} rules over your guilds. The Alliance is just that: a group of equals that comes together for a purpose and that purpose is to have FUN playing Guild Wars.
I am purposely seeking out smaller guilds; I am doing this for a couple of reasons.
1) I wanted to have an alliance with other guilds but still maintain a small close atmosphere within the group.
2) I wanted small guilds to join, in that way we could all grow together. Some of us will rediscover Guild Wars, while others will reap the benefits of having someone to quest with that can help them.
Some of the guilds will grow and discover their own purpose whether it's strictly PvP or PvE or somewhere in the middle. At that point if they decide to break and form their own alliance with similar interests, that would be fantastic. This alliance is about growth and opportunity. I don't wish to hold anyone back.
The Guild Wars Universe is a fun and social place. and this is the main purpose why we all still play.
We are all in the GW universe to have fun. So please, have fun, the alliance is here to help make your gaming experience a joyful and a relaxing time.

We have forums and we use ventrilo for ingame playing. You can find the info on how to connect on our forum site. Follow the appropriate links to get connected.  See you all in game!!