Hello and welcome to The Dead Soul. I am Tryxter Aero Muerte, leader of {DEAD}. My guild is made up of many people that enjoy doing missions, quests, PvE, GvG and AB. We are a very helpful group, if you need help at all you need to do is ask and someone will help you as soon as they can.

We are always open to any suggestions in makingour guild better. If there are any problems that you think you need to be taken care of, talk to the Leader or an Officer in the guild. Our guild is a family, we get along, we have fun, we work together and we talk.. non-stop lol. That's a good thing though because we get to know you better when you talk to us. If you're quiet, all we know is that your a member of our guild and you don't talk enough. So I have two words for you, SPEAK UP!!! Let us know who you are, we have more fun when there's more people to talk to.

I want to personally thank each and every member for becoming part of The Dead Soul {DEAD} and part of this Alliance in Guild Wars.
Our mission is very simple. We want all members to have fun playing GW, and we want you to feel welcome to the guild and the Alliance. We are glad to have you in The Dead Soul. See you all on the battle field