All members are expected to behave in a mature, responsible manner toward the global Guild Wars Community, reflecting the good values of everyday life towards our Guild Wars Brethren. Keep in mind this is a game not real life, we are all here to enjoy something else then our living routines, so please leave your bad days at home.


All members are encouraged to actively participate within the alliance. This includes within game, guild, alliance, ventrilo and website {forum} participation. Members are encouraged to provide suggestions and input.


Use of cursing/swearing is not allowed in Alliance Chat we strive to keep Alliance Chat PG-10 - 13. However, if individual guilds allow such chatter.. that is up to the individual guild. Ventrillo is another world all-together. If the people involved don't mind a few explicatives  then it's all well and good. But if there is excessive, unnecessary use of profanity and/or degrading remarks and a person is asked to stop, that person needs to comply. If that person refuses to comply to everyone's wishes, they will be removed and banned.