Ventrilo Information Page

Welcome to our Ventrilo information Page. Here you will find out information about how to download ventrilo in order to speak to each other in game. It's very easy to do for any platform your using. The only requirements is that you will need a head set with a mic.  Sometimes when some people use just speakers and the computer mic we get echos and/or feedback, so a headset is the way to go^^

Vent is NOT a requirement that this alliance has, but it does make it extremely easy to co-ordinate missions, dungeons, elite areas and quests. Not to mention just a darn good way of getting to know one another!

Download Vent Here

Here is the hosting information:

Server Host:
Server Port: 59566

Once you get connected please ask over chat for password; after,  you can contact Tryxter Aero Muerto to get registered and get rid of the "guest" tag. And do drop in to say "hi" to all of us!!